Memorial Stone and Garden at Milag und Marlag Nord, Westertimke.

Photo Credit: Michael Callan 2014

Harry Callan 2014 at the memorial marker for one of his comrades, in the Arbeitserziehungslager.

Photo Credit: Michael Callan 2014

2014 Harry Callan with Michèle Callan and students from Oberschule an der Egge at Denkort Bunker Valentin commemoration ceremony. 

Photo Credit:  Frau M. Eichmann.



On the third Sunday of November each year, a commemoration is held in Dublin to remember all who died at sea; in particular those who were lost from Irish-flagged ships during World War Two. The names of 157 Irish seamen are recorded. Those whose names are inscribed on the City Quay Memorial lost their lives serving under the Irish Tricolour.

In Britain, the 3rd of September each year is Merchant Navy Day. At Tower Hill, opposite the Tower of London, the names of 34,842 British seamen lost during the wars are recorded. 

Harry Callan and Richard McCormick, President Maritime Museum of Ireland at the City Quay Merchant Navy Memorial, Dublin, 2014.

Photo Credit:  Mr. Richard McCormick.