Bunker Valentin is situated in the north of Bremen on the Weser River.  It is a huge above ground re-enforced concrete building. The construction started in 1943 and Bunker Valentin was built by over 10,000 workers.  The majority of these workers were forced labourers; prisoners of war, civilian forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners, who worked 12 hour daily shifts on the construction site.   


When completed, Bunker Valentin was to be used for the manufacturing and testing of U-boats. Prefabricated U-boat sections were to be welded together on a production assembly line.  Completed U-boats would have their seals, periscopes and equipment tested before leaving the safety of Bunker Valentin by way of the River Weser and sailing the 50km to the North Sea.


No U-boats were ever assembled at Bunker Valentin.


Bunker Valentin is now an interpretive centre, recounting the history of the site and honouring those men and women who worked and died there.



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